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Friday, July 2, 2010

Get em while they're... hot- or something.

Okay, so it's REALLY been hot out here in Ohio the past few weeks! I've been forced to crank my air so that my cakes don't melt as I create them lol.

I made these little angel cakes for my friend on twitter @ginakay for her inlaws!

She requested three tiny cakes with an angel theme. I wanted pastels and flowers. The base color was a peachy off white. I thought the colors were very whimsical. I piped buttercream transfers of angels for the tops.

My faaaavorite show was put back on the air after being off for years! I was so excited that I invited my friends over and we had to have cake!

Everyone dug into the slurm cake. It was half chocolate half confetti cake!
Long live Futurama!!!

Last, but not least, my friend's mom turned 50 last week! I made a cake to show everyone that being "over the hill" isn't so bad.


Especially when your walker is made of chocolate. And the hill is made of cake.

The top was white cake, the middle was dark chocolate and the bottom was the crowd pleasing favorite lemon cake with strawberries in the middle! Yum! It was the largest tier, but it was eaten before any of the others were barely touched!
It was quite a night!

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