Gem City Cakes

Monday, March 29, 2010

Tattoo convention cake

I hit the road this weekend for a Tattoo Convention in Indiana with friends from Wisconsin! Of course, we needed to have cake for this!
Indiana Phunk -n- Ink Tattoo Convention Cake

Indiana Phunk -n- Ink Tattoo Convention Cake

Indiana Phunk -n- Ink Tattoo Convention Cake

There was a "bad" word on the back... click here to see!

P.S. It was gooood. Hahaha.

Baby Shower Cake

Here's a cake I did for my co-worker's daughter's baby shower. I matched the frosting to the yarn used to make a blanket for the baby.
Baby Shower Cake

Baby Shower Cake

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Wow, I didn't realized I hadn't updated in a while. I never posted the cake I made for my niece's birthday! I can't believe that. So here's her fairytale castle cake:


caketop smile

She loved it. We all ate tons of cake and there was plenty leftover!

Yesterday, for St. Patrick's Day, I made a nice chocolate stout cake using some oatmeal stout from Trader Joe's. I poured over it with chocolate ganache.

It came out lovely and delicious! It had a smooth, rich texture. I made the ganache from 90% dark chocolate, 77% dark chocolate and semi-sweet chocolate. It was almost too rich and I couldn't even finish the piece I cut myself. It's okay though, I have more friends willing to help out! ;)