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Friday, July 16, 2010

Happy Birthday Eddy!

Some of you might find me crazy, but I think it's more like awesome.

My dog turned 3 yesterday. I want kids- I love kids- I don't have kids. So... I spoil my chihuahua. He is my baby. Well... he's getting older now- I mean come on, he's 21 in dog years!

I texted my husband and reminded him, hey it's the dog's birthday. He immediately said we HAD to do something for him. I said duh, we'll make a cake like last year. Brian even picked out the colors.

In any case, I like ANY reason for cake. Even if I can't eat it.
I made this cake out of all things nommable for dogs.
Carrots, beans, beef, eggs, flour, rice, olive oil... a little paprika, a drop of liquid smoke... good stuff.
dogcake 003

I pureed this and baked it. Then I colored some mashed potatoes (no butter or milk) and used them as "icing" lol

He loved it of course!
dogcake 004
dogcake 006dogcake 009dogcake 007
dogcake 011

Big hit. The cat didn't want any. Well, he had a few nibbles, but Eddy finished his piece.

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