Gem City Cakes

Monday, August 30, 2010

Music and video games

Last week I did two pretty cool cakes!

One was for the bassist of local band LegBone. His girlfriend asked me to do it as a surprise for him. It was chocolate cake covered in fondant. I used an exacto knife to cut the logo out of fondant and then added the white accents by hand. Shaped like Ohio :)

Legbone Birthday Cake

Also, I made a cake for a cousin. He turned 15 this weekend. Trying to decide what to make a 15 year old kid for his birthday was pretty hard. To be honest. I was sort of clueless. We brainstormed forever until we realized pretty much all 15 year old boys liked video games.
XboX 360 Cake

The cake itself was white and green marbled vanilla cake. The controller was made of cereal treat covered in fondant. The birthday boy ate almost the entire controller lol.

Friday, August 20, 2010

Teirs of Joy

I love making tiered cakes!

This was for a bridal shower:

Not the best photo lol. All completely edible! The roses and petals were done with fondant. The inside is strawberry/vanilla zebra cake!

This was for a 21st birthday! The cake was being driven about 2 hours away! Glad I was able to make this. I hope the birthday girl loved it!
21st birthday cake

All fondant except the boarder. The 21 was candy melt. The tiara lit up!

I love everything about this cake. The colors, the fondant, the zebra.
Also, the inside is all chocolate/vanilla zebra cake!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The inside counts!

So, I got to see a photo of the inside of the NY cake I made!

Brooklyn Cake inside

It turned out awesome.

Also, here's the inside of the elephant cake:
Chocolate/strawberry zebra cake

Great photo!

Here's a preview of the cake I made yesterday:

I will have finished photos of that soon. As well as photos of another cake I did last week!

Much more cake to come.

I wasn't selected to be on tv, but that's okay! I still have all of you guys! <3

Saturday, August 14, 2010

TLC show

Okay, somehow I haven't posted about this here.

I sent an application in to TLC for a tv show they're casting for. It's a spin off of Cake Boss. I filled out the super long application and sent it in. A week later, I got this:

Hi Tiffany,

Thanks so much for your interest in our show. Your application was great! I LOVE your story and personality!!!

The next step in the process is for you to make a home video, so that we get a chance to meet you (on camera) and see your talent and personality. The most important thing to remember is to answer the questions with a lot of energy, animation and enthusiasm. (Basically just be yourself!) Your answers in your application were great so feel free to say similar but more elaborate answers on camera!

We pitch a few candidates to the network every week, so please get the tape to us ASAP (Casting ends next week)! The instructions, questions and uploading info are attached. Once it's up, please just shoot me an email to let me know.

Do me a favor and look this over before you start making the case you have questions.

We are super excited to watch it, so have lots of fun!
Tip for the video: Have fun, be creative and do something that makes you STANDOUT! NOW GO MAKE A GREAT VIDEO!! Make sure your video will grab TLC's Attention!!! Make sure to show us some of your talents, interests, or anything that makes you unique in your video (like your love of art and tattoos)!!!!

Thanks and please don't hesitate to ask me any questions.

Wow! How cool!!!

I was in a complete frenzy though. I had to make this video and I had very little time. About two days really. I was going to be out of town all weekend. I did my best. I had to show myself being competitive with friends, so I showed myself doing some biking. I had to show myself doing a hobby that showed my personality. So I got this tattoo!
cake 003
A rolling pin that says "roll out" lol

I showed myself working on that cat cake as well lol.

I haven't heard back yet, but, of course, I will keep you all posted. I don't know if I'm allowed to share the video. I never got a response to that question. I'll share if I can though!

Look at these cuties

I made a couple of cakes for a birthday party! The cakes were based on a blanket that had a stuffed elephant in the middle.

One for the party guests and one for the kid to wreck haha.

Elephant blanket birthday cakes

The inside was chocolate and strawberry zebra. I hope I get to see a photo of the inside!


We love to bike! My friend Karen has the coolest bike I've ever seen.
Last week her husband asked if I could reproduce it in cake form. Why not?

cake 001

It was awesome. It was a totally epic huge cake. Her husband is the guy who I made the beard cake for.

Even though I had three other cakes to make this week, I totally said sure and went for it. It turned out great. Plus, I love when I get to eat cake I made!

Thursday, August 12, 2010

Birthday City!

Last week was my best friend Chelsea's birthday!
We like to joke that she's a crazy cat lady, even just with the one cat...
but either way, I wanted it to be all cute and cuddly.

I made her this little guy.
cake 001

It was really cute. She mounted the head on her stove. Yeah, I know. We're odd.

I also made these truffles for my friend Kelly's mom's birthday!

I built the tower using foam board and a wrapping paper tube haha.

More cool cakes coming soon! I have a lot I'm working on this week!