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Monday, June 14, 2010

Sophia turns 3!

It was my nice's 3rd birthday yesterday and she requested a Yo Gabba Gabba cake with purple involved. I didn't have as much time as I wanted, so I had to cheat jusst a little. I printed the characters at Kinkos and cut them out and stuck them in the cake with toothpicks lol.


It really did come out very cute! She loved it.
I wish I had a better photo!
Everything but the characters was edible. I did find some strawberry flavored marshmallows at the store and decided to make my fondant with them. Usually, I'd say about half the people eat the fondant, yesterday EVERYONE ate the fondant! I think I might start using them from now on for colored fondant. The marshmallows are pink, so as long as the color I need can be achieved, I'd love to use them again.

As for the inside of the cake... I had to get a little crazy!


I did a zebra style cake with three colors this time! And it came out perfectly!
Everyone loved it! It was so fun and so tasty. Everyone got excited when I cut into it.

Also... my niece got her first bike! So cute!

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