Gem City Cakes

Thursday, August 19, 2010

The inside counts!

So, I got to see a photo of the inside of the NY cake I made!

Brooklyn Cake inside

It turned out awesome.

Also, here's the inside of the elephant cake:
Chocolate/strawberry zebra cake

Great photo!

Here's a preview of the cake I made yesterday:

I will have finished photos of that soon. As well as photos of another cake I did last week!

Much more cake to come.

I wasn't selected to be on tv, but that's okay! I still have all of you guys! <3


  1. How did you swirl the colors like that? It's absolutely gorgeous!

  2. Oops! Late answer, but google "how to make zebra cake", it's a technique that takes time to perfect, but it's my favorite thing to do!