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Monday, August 31, 2009

Happy One Year Blind Bob's!

I made this cake for the bar I work at! It was their one year anniversary of being open. 

One side was delicious chocolate to which I added chocolate milk, chocolate pudding, chocolate chips, chocolate shavings and chocolate sauce to the batter before baking. It was decadent! So good. 

The other side was yellow cake which turned out perfectly moist and bursting with vanilla flavor. I would know, one of my co-workers and I were eating it with our hands in the walk-in fridge at 2am! 

I was asked to make the frosting the color of the walls at the bar which are a burnt orange color, I also wanted to add bricks on the sides of the cake to add to it's ties to the bar as there are exposed brick walls there. I created a cut out stencil with a thick piece of parchment and laid it against the sides of the cake. I then smoothed icing over the paper, then peeled off the stencil. This was something I once saw on a Food Network challenge and it worked out really well for me. I was pretty happy with the outcome and hope to use the application again in the future.

The Blind Bob's logo and the mouse from the menu were done with buttercream transfers. I went over the logo with more icing and added the silver dragees. 

Can't wait to make more cake!

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  1. Beautiful! I wish I lived in Ohio so I could come and eat some!