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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Lots of cakes!

Wow I haven't posted in while! Here's what I've been up to!
Here's a birthday cake and cupcakes I made for my good friend Mike's birthday:

Then I did FOUR Birthday Cakes for family members in one weekend!

This was for my niece. IT was a big hit. Everyone loved the inside!

Then I did this WALL-E cake for a guy I work with at the bar's girlfriend. It turned out great!

This was an awesome sweet 16 cake with a stellar Star Wars design! It's my best yet, I think!

This I did yesterday for a little girl's luau theme 5th birthday party! The tiki- hut on top is a cup cake! There's a buttercream waterfall on the side there!

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  1. Holy cow! I found you through Katie's twitter as a matter of fact, and your cakes are awesome! I've been wanting to try this baking thing... it just seems like the best job ever!! Great job on the cakes girl!